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I am kind of a phone geek and I maintain this page with links to the coolest phone stuff I learn about.
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Guaranteed Steps to End Telemarketing

If you hate telemarketers, these three things will end them.

  1. Add Non-Published Service ($4.95/month) and you will see a huge decrease in calls. Yeah, it sucks that you have to pay for this!
  2. Add Call Intercept ($5/month) to your caller ID service. If someone calls you from a blocked line, it requires they announce themselves. In practice, telemarketers (who always call from blocked lines) just hang up when asked to identify themselves, since they know you won't answer. (cf privacycall device.)
  3. Add yourself to the new National Do Not Call Registry. I'm not sure when this will be completely effective. I've had some readers claim that adding your info to this list will result in your getting unsolicited calls from charities, since they are exempt from honoring this list. :(

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