Wednesday, 5 June 2002

I took my Dad to Matt Murphy's Irish Bar on Harvard Street Brookline for a late lunch today. The place has about 10 tables plus the bar, but there were only about three parties there including us.

A girl of about nine years old walked in, and placed herself at the table in the back left corner, sort of behind the bar. I'm guessing she was the niece of the woman bartender, they said hello, etc.

Ten minutes later, two other young girls strutted in. They looked excited that they were walking into a bar, like they thought they were cool. They sat down with the first girl, and started talking.

Soon one of the two said something like (in snobby voice): "Did you see what she was wearing? She wore the exact same blouse YESTERDAY!".

The bartender overheard them, and said-- "hey, don't be mean. It is rude to make fun of what people wear."

Girl (with an insincere attitude): "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude."

Bartender: "Well it is rude, and I don't like rude people in my bar."

Girl (antagonistically): "Well you don't have to be mean about it."

Bartender: "No, you are the one being mean. In fact, I don't want you in my bar. Get out."

The two girls left.

Then the bartender sat down with the remaining girl (the one I'm guessing was her niece) and explained to her about how kids at school can be mean to each other, about bullies, and cliques, and about why she wanted her to protect kids who don't fit into these annoying cliques.

I left a nice tip, and I'll be back. :)


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