My wife knew she married a nerd when on our honeymoon I pulled over our mustang to point out my watch changing to 1:23.45 6-7-89.

And I remember where I was the following year at 12:34.56 7-8-90.

My son recently showed me his watch changing to 3:33 33 3/3 (03).

Exercise for the reader: when is the next time you will have a sequence of 10 digits on your watch? 9 digits? 8 digits?

The Blue Diamond Watch

I have always loved watches and clocks. I notice them all the time, on people's wrists, at yard sales, in stores, and in magazines. (Never mind that I can't really wear watches or rings, as for some reason they cause me nerve irritation.)

Sometimes I'll notice a $10K or more watch listed for sale in a full page glossy in a fancy magazine. I'll sort of drool over the watch, how nice it is, and how unique.

But then, who would spend ten thousand dollars or more on a watch?

So I had an idea.

Swatch should come out with a new watch called the Blue Diamond (or something like that). It should look almost like a classic Swatch, and thus cost about ten bucks to make.

But it should be just a little bit distinctive, and come with a serial number.

The watch would be priced at $10K, and Swatch would give all of the money to charity.

Those who can afford such luxuries can own and wear a semi-rare watch, without the guilt of spending so much money.

And Swatch would get a huge PR coup, with strong renewed interest in all their watches, from a large group of people.

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